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Frequently Asked Questions

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I need to change the URL and screenshots for my design that is featured on your site. How do I do this?
Once a design is featured, the URL and screenshots cannot be changed. If your design is retired or the website no longer exists, you will just go to your design's detail page after you are logged in and select "Yes" in the "Retired Design" drop-down menu. This will keep the design archived with your Designer listing, and the design will remain in the gallery, although the link to the site will be removed. If you need to submit a new URL or a new design, you will just need to submit this as a new submission for review.
Why was my design not featured?
Unfortunately, due to the volume of submissions, we are not able to give specific feedback about why your design was not featured. Although there are many elements that we review for each design, such as the elements explained in our Design Guide. (You will see the Design Guide after you are logged in on your account page.)
How long does it take for my design to be reviewed?
On your "My Account" page, you will see a status of 'pending' next to your submission if it has not been reviewed yet. The wait time can vary depending on the volume of submissions, although you will see the current wait time under your submissions on your account page. If your design is accepted, you will see it listed on your account page and on the site as well. If it is not selected to be featured, the submission will no longer be posted on your account page. We are not able to reply with specific reasons if your design is not accepted, although we recommend reviewing our Design Guide for future submissions. (You will see the Design Guide link on your account page after you are logged in.)
We collaborated with another company to develop the website featured in your gallery. Can credit be given to both?
Only one designer or agency can be credited with a design. This credit should go to the person or agency who was primarily behind the design of the site featured. If you collaborated for the development of the site, or if another designer was involved, you can mention that you work with them in your "Designer Services Description" in your Designer Profile.
I want to submit a design, but this design was an in-house project and we do not offer design services.
No problem! We have a separate form for in-house design submissions, so you will not be included in the Designers section.

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I am listed in your Designer Directory, and I need to make changes to the information in my listing. How do I do this?
No problem! You will just log into your account and click on the Designer Profile link to change the information as needed.
I would like to be listed in your Designers section. What do I need to do?
The Designers section features designers whose websites have been recognized in our Design Gallery. So if you submit a website, and it is accepted to be featured in our Design Gallery, you will automatically be listed in the Designers section.
Is there a monthly fee to be listed in the Designers section?
There is no monthly or recurring fee to be listed in the Designers section. If your website submission is featured, you will automatically be listed in the Designers section. (Exception: If you do not offer design services or if your portfolio does not qualify, you will not be listed with the designers.)

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How do I change or delete my workspace photo?
Just click on the "Workspace Photo" link on your account page. To change the photo, you will just enter the URL where your new photo is saved on your website or on an image server. We will take care of creating and uploading the photo to your account. (We are very selective about the images that appear on this website, as well as the quality of those images, which is why we take care of this internally. :)) If you want your image deleted and not replaced with anything, you will just type "Delete Photo" in the image URL field and your photo will be deleted for you.
How can I submit a workspace photo for the Workspaces section?
We primarily feature workspace photos from agencies with job listings on our site or from designers who have designs featured in our gallery. Although we may make exceptions to this if your workspace photo just can't be passed up. :) You can submit a photo by clicking on the "Workspace Photo" link on your account page.

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Do you feature other themes besides WordPress themes?
At this time, we do not feature themes other than WordPress themes. The main reason for this is because WordPress is the most widely used and the most familiar, and they have thousands of themes available. Some of the other CMS's are still growing and there are not enough themes available to feature - especially on this website since we are more selective about theme design and functionality. As other CMS's grow, we may decide to include some of their themes in our directory - if they have enough selections to be featured here. :)
How are the themes selected in the Themes Directory?
We are very selective about the themes that are featured here, and we are partnered only with the theme shops that we trust. If a theme from one of our partners has an appealing design with smooth functionality and great features, then it is likely to be featured here. When you purchase a theme, you are making your purchase at the theme shop's website, and The Best Designs receives a small portion of the sale for the theme referral.
How do I receive support with the themes in the Themes Directory?
We are partnered with a few of the most trustworthy and popular theme foundries, and when you purchase a theme, you are purchasing from that specific theme shop at their site. All of the themes that we feature offer support, so you will just need to contact the specific theme shop that you purchased from.
How do you choose your Theme partners?
We are only partnered with trusted theme shops who offer quality themes. Here are some of the things we look for: 1) How long they have been in business 2) If they offer support to their customers 3) Their reputation with customers 4) Secure online purchasing 5) Trustworthy theme developers - no malicious code or spam in their themes 6) The amount of themes offered 7) The design and quality of their themes

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How do I change my account password?
If you are not logged in, you can change your password by using the "Reset Password" link on the login page. If you are already logged in, you will just click on the "Reset Account Password" on the Basic Account Information page in your account.
How do I change my account email?
To change your account email, you will just click on the "Change Account Email" link at the bottom of the Basic Account Information page.
Why was my account suspended?
An account may be suspended if you are submitting questionable content, unrelated content, spammy websites, or if you are abusing submissions by submitting too many times for the same website within a small timeframe.

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