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The Basics

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Creating strong designs with less, that's what I strive for in my work. The Basics stands for clean, responsive web design that is basic in essence, while creative in detail. I believe that every brand needs a set of basics to kick off - a design, a website, that effectively communicates its personality. In my work, I consider the latter as my highest priority, which I believe can be achieved by closely involving your clients in the process.


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I am Tiago Sá, a freelance graphic & web designer based in Lisbon, Portugal. A multi-skilled designer that loves to work with vibrant worldwide startups. Shooting for nothing less than amazing results!

RGB Media

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RGB MEDIA is a small creative agency based in Sunderland, North East. We’re a small & passionate team that love all things design. We believe we are always growing, evolving & learning. Everyday is an opportunity to push ourselves to be better. With every project we strive to strike a balance between creativity & functionality.

Simon Foster

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My name is Simon Foster and I am a freelance front-end web designer based in London, England. I specialise in intuitive, easy to use and beautiful responsive websites for projects both large and small that work on any type and size of device. My work has a heavy leaning towards simplicity and typography with a gimmick free focus on content and concise communication.

Rogan Jansen

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I am a web & graphic designer who specializes in clean, minimal design. I apply meticulous detail, skill and craftsmanship to each stage of my design process in both print and web. In short I craft clean, simplistic design that works.

Voltage New Media

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Voltage New Media Inc - Web & Graphic Studio specializes in working with retail and startup businesses here in North America. We produce beautiful websites that are clean, simple and most importantly, effective.

Underbelly Creative

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Underbelly is a group of artists and craftsmen who love to create sophisticated strategies, innovative user experiences, and experiences, and enduring brands. Underbelly doesn’t stop tinkering until the work inspires.