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A Designer’s Creative Marriage Proposal

Designer Andrew McClintock emailed to let me know that he and his girlfriend (also a designer) visit TheBestDesigns.com daily. (Thanks Andrew!) Then he told me that he was preparing a website to propose marriage to her and wanted to know if the site could be posted so she would see it during her normal routine.

How could anyone refuse that! :)
Ad Layout

So today was the big day, and the site was posted in the gallery for the world to see. A few minutes ago, I heard from Andrew, and (drumroll):

She said yes!

I have to say, this was an incredible way to propose marriage from one designer to another. Congratulations Andrew!

Written by Angela

Angela is a Texas web designer who's been running The Best Designs and writing articles since 2001. She also loves fine art and photography, and enjoys working on portrait art when she can find the time. Angela believes that in the art and design world, there is no room for anything but the finest, and hard work that speaks for itself. She strives to illustrate this within this website and also in her own work.

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